Memorialize “The Greatest Generation” whose sacrifices preserved everything that we have today with a beautiful Memorial Plaque inscribed with the single greatest poetic tribute to the Veterans of World War Two.

Suitable for Cemeteries, WW II Tribute Sites, WW II Battle sites, Museums and more.

Our customizable plaques are inscribed with what has been widely described as “The Greatest Poem and Lyrics written in Tribute to our World War II Veterans.” These words were used to directly thank millions and millions of our WWII Veterans in the internationally acclaimed tribute song “Before You Go” which has been played tens of millions of times from its website. We have lost more than 99% of our WWII heroes to age and time. The words have now been adjusted to the past tense to permanently express our eternal thanks in memoriam as the last of our WWII veterans enter their final years and depart from our midst.

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Available In Sizes:
<br>48" x 72"<br/>
24" x 36"
Available In Sizes:
48" x 72"
24" x 36"
Available in Sizes: <br>36" x 90"<br>
18" x 45"
Available in Sizes:
36" x 90"
18" x 45"
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George Bush's favorite veteran's poem
President George H.W. Bush

"Barbara and I watched "Before You Go" together with tears in our eyes. What a beautiful, moving tribute to some of America's greatest heroes."

john mccain
Senator John McCain

"Senator Lieberman's office was kind enough to pass along your note, CD and book, "Unsung No More." Thank you for these and for your tribute to all veterans."

H Ross Perot
Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot

"Those are the greatest lyrics in tribute to my generation that I have ever heard."

Pete Wilson

Governor Pete Wilson, — CA

"A beautiful and moving expression of the admiration and gratitude owed by succeeding generations who are the beneficiaries of the incredible effort, sacrifice and courage of those who fought and won World War II — and literally saved the world from fascism."

In Endless Gratitude

Quietly, they all turned gray
They did their job – they saved our way
Our life and freedom they preserved
We thanked them less than they deserved

They never boasted, bragged, or asked
For adulation for their past
They did the job they knew was right
And quietly, they cried at night

For bodies maimed and comrades lost
For sights beyond our furthest thoughts
For what they’d lived and felt and seen
For what the cost of freedom means

They left us blessed with every breath
That cost them arms and legs and death
They won the worst and greatest war
We owed them more, we owe them more

To thank them for their wondrous feats
For open speech and quiet streets
For worship as we choose to pray
For preservation of our way

In endless gratitude to show
That in their silence we’d still know
What they accomplished and what they did
For who we are and how we live

And so with love from wives and sons
And daughters – for a job well done
From kids who’ve never seen a tank
We give them thanks, we give them thanks

For homes and jobs and baseball games
For many colors many names
They saved our lives and we’re still free
From shining sea to shining sea

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you – rest in peace


© Copyright Sam Bierstock

“Before You Go” Lyrics altered in tense in Memoriam for Memorial Plaques

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Reactions to "Before You Go" Song & Lyrics

In 2006, the song  “Before You Go” was released on the Internet to be experienced for free by our aging WW II veterans and their families. Within weeks there was world-wide dissemination of its Internet address solely by  email forwarding, with the result that the song was played from its website an estimated 8 million times during the first six months following its release, and played as often as 50,000 times a day.

From the time of its release and during the first year of presence on the Internet, thousands of email of thanks for this tribute poured in – from veterans and their families, churches, schools, choir groups, funeral homes, veterans organizations, and politicians including presidents, presidential candidates, congressmen and women, governors and celebrities. Since 2006, the ability to track how often the song has been played has been long passed, but estimates run to more than 20 million times.

Thank you for the letter and for the CD of your song, Before You Go. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the kind inscription. More importantly, I appreciate your efforts to honor our Nation’s veterans. Laura and I send our best wishes.

George W Bush

……  I learned about your site through an e-mail from a friend.  It was about 11:30 at night and my husband was sitting on the edge of the bed getting ready to go to bed.  I started playing the song very softly just so I could hear it and not to disturb him.  He is very hard of hearing,  less than 7% in left ear and 0% in right ear… .  He had been talking to me and suddenly he got very quiet.   I reached up and turned the music on as loud as I could so that he could hear it.   I stayed facing my computer.  About halfway through it I turned to look at him.   I was shocked at what I saw and turned back around immediately and tears came to my eyes!  My husband was standing at attention, saluting the pictures on the screen of my computer (his fellow veterans) and remained in that position till the song ended the second time around.  Later that night he informed me that when he is (I hope several years down the road) on his death bed, that is the only song he wants played.  It is also to be the only song at his funeral.  (God forbid that comes anytime soon). ….  I just wanted to let you know the impact your song has had on my husband.

I write to you all with tears in my eyes and love in my heart to say thank you for this beautiful site and song.My father was a vet, my nephew is a vet and I have many others who are friends, relatives and acquaintances throughout my years, also vets. On behalf of all those I have loved and still do, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I plan to share this with as many as I can.


Unsung No More

There were so many wonderful responses that a book was published containing  the testimonials and emails of thanks received in only the first twelve months after the song’s release. This book, called “Unsung No More”  may be ordered electronically on

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